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How AC Maintenance Actually Saves Money

ac maintenance
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Whether you have a relatively new air conditioner or an aging cooling system in your Opelika, Alabama, home, it needs regular maintenance for optimal performance. But did you know that a routine tuneup schedule can be a solid financial investment, too? Find out how HVAC maintenance actually saves money. Lower Utility Bills Every Month When you schedule regular maintenance with […]

How to Solve 3 Summertime Indoor Air Quality Issues

healthy family
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Summer is prime time for indoor air quality issues in Opelika, Alabama, but that doesn't mean you have to let these problems take over your home. From biological growth to unpleasant odors, find out how to solve three summertime indoor air quality issues. Biological Growth If you've lived in the Opelika area for long, you know that summers tend to […]

3 Cool Things Your Cor Thermostat Can Do

Cor Thermostat Can Do
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The Cor thermostat is an innovative tool designed to help you manage your home comfort in myriad ways. Whether you've just installed a new Cor thermostat in your Opelika, Alabama, home, or you're simply considering an upgrade, it's time to learn what this powerful system is all about. The features of the Cor thermostat will give you a powerful level […]

3 Upgrades You Should Make to Your Attic

Upgrades your attic
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If you're looking for ways to improve your home's energy efficiency, your attic is a key place to start. Though this area is easily overlooked, it may provide the key to cutting your power bills and enjoying optimum heating and cooling throughout your Opelika, Alabama, home. Inspect your attic carefully and see if you need to make any of these […]

How to Choose the Most Efficient Air Conditioner

Hvac units
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If you're upgrading the air conditioner in your Opelika, Alabama, home, it's important to consider energy efficiency. More efficient units will cost more upfront, but they'll deliver lower operating costs over time. Use these tips to make sure you're choosing the right installation for your home. Size Your Home One of the most important steps in choosing a new air […]

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