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Is Your Furnace Ready for Fall in Montgomery, AL?

October 27, 2022

Fall is here, which indicates cooler weather now and cold weather soon, in Montgomery, AL. You can keep your family comfortable throughout winter with fall furnace maintenance. Here are ways you will benefit by scheduling your furnace maintenance today.

Lower Utility Bills

Utility costs are often high during the cold months because the furnace works for a longer period to keep your home warm. During a fall furnace appointment, the professional performs various tasks, including tightening electrical connections, lubricating moving parts and inspecting blower components. These tasks ensure that it functions at full capacity, helping to increase efficiency that can lower utility costs.

Fewer Repairs

Seasonal tune-ups allow professionals to inspect the furnace and fix minor issues before they turn into expensive repairs. The lubrication, cleaning and inspection of the furnace keep it functional at peak performance, reducing the chances of breakdowns. Parts of the inspection are effective ways of keeping it in good working condition, making the system reliable throughout the winter.

Enhance Safety

Since safety is a priority for your home, a fall tune-up appointment entails reviewing the safety features and possible problem areas of your furnace. Some vital procedures during a fall maintenance appointment to help improve your home’s safety may include adjusting and cleaning the burner assembly. It may also include testing safety controls and inspecting the heat exchanger to heat your home without worrying about safety issues.

Extend Equipment Life

Seasonal maintenance entails a wide range of testing and inspection so that the service technician can make the necessary adjustments. The adjustments, such as cleaning condensate drains and testing the system’s starting capabilities, can prevent the parts from deteriorating. The furnace can run better for a longer time, extending its lifespan.

You should schedule fall tune-ups to get the most out of your furnace. Talk to the professionals to help keep your home safe and warm this winter. Call Sensigreen today for more information about our heating installation and repair services.

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