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"Because of the air they breathe"

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Even with the fall season coming, the heat and humidity in your Opelika, Alabama, home may still warrant the need to run your air conditioner. Follow these energy-saving tips to keep costs down while cooling your home. Increase the Temperature at Night Nighttime can be cooler when the sun goes down, and your body will be generating much less heat […]
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Having an air conditioner in your Opelika, Alabama, home is essential for keeping your family comfortable during the hot and humid summer months. However, air conditioners use large amounts of electricity and are one of the reasons for rising energy bills. Air conditioners today are built with more technology and thought towards energy-efficiency. There are many factors to consider when […]
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Summers are pretty hot in and around Opelika, Alabama, and it takes more than sweet tea to cool off. There are little things you can do that can go a long way so your HVAC system doesn't have to work as hard. There are many ways to cool your home, and here are six of them. Install Thick Light-Colored Curtains […]