Cellulose Insulation
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Try Cellulose Insulation to Insulate, Draft-Proof, and Reduce Noise in Your Home

With all the hustle and bustle of daily life, there are few things more inviting at the end of the day than a quiet, comfortable abode. Cellulose insulation services from Sensigreen Heating, Cooling & Insulation help ensure you always come home to a welcoming, peaceful, and comfortable environment.

What Is Cellulose Insulation?

Made from recycled paper products, cellulose insulation offers an affordable and eco-friendly way to eliminate uncomfortable drafts in your home. Manufacturers often insert additives such as borate and ammonium sulfate into the mix to keep the material fire-resistant and to repel insects. The mixture is then pulverized into tiny pieces and fibers and blown into place using specialized pneumatic equipment.

Blown-in cellulose insulation helps make your home airtight, eliminating uncomfortable drafts. It also creates a thermal barrier that allows your HVAC systems to operate more efficiently. Less hot air enters your home in the summer; more warmth stays inside during the winter. In addition to preventing heat from entering or leaving your home, blown-in cellulose insulation helps block outside noises for a quieter home-sweet-home.

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Explore Your Cellulose Insulation Options

Perfect for places where it’s challenging to install other types of insulation, cellulose works well for a variety of applications. It readily conforms to tight spaces, allowing you to insulate your home without disrupting your property.

  • Odd-sized building cavities
  • Attics with electrical wiring
  • Areas with HVAC ductwork
  • Crawlspaces with plumbing pipes
  • Interior walls

Budget-Friendly Benefits

As with all insulative materials, the efficacy of cellulose insulation is determined by its R-value. With an R-value of 3.5 to 3.8 per inch, cellulose is less efficient than other types of insulation. It also costs significantly less to install. Thanks to its adaptability, blown-in cellulose insulation helps create the tight envelope for your home that you need to enjoy a quieter, more comfortable home. Is cellulose right for you? Feel free to call us to schedule a consultation. Our insulation experts will help you select the product that meets your needs without breaking your budget.

At Sensigreen Heating, Cooling & Insulation, our team of certified experts is dedicated to providing services that make home a more pleasant place to inhabit. As an affordable alternative to our classic spray foam insulation, we’re happy to offer blown-in cellulose insulation for our valued customers in eastern Alabama and western Georgia. For more information, call us today!

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