low refrigerant makes the house cold

Is My Heat Pump in Montgomery, AL Low on Refrigerant?

December 26, 2022

The heat pump in your Montgomery, AL home relies on refrigerant. Here are some ways to tell if your heat pump is low on refrigerant.

Pools of Liquid Around the Heat Pump

Take a look around your heat pump. Are there unexplained pools of liquid at the base of the unit? This could mean the refrigerant is leaking.

Contact an HVAC technician for maintenance if you suspect the liquid is refrigerant. This liquid has a chemical smell that some say is similar to chloroform. So if there’s an odor, it’s likely not a water spill.

If there’s not a leak, occasionally perform a visual check to make sure there’s no liquid around the unit. This will allow you to quickly realize something is wrong if any liquid does appear.

Heat Pump Making Strange Sounds

Always take notice when your heat pump makes strange sounds. This is especially important if you hear a gurgling or hissing sounds. The sound of gurgling often means there is a leak.

When the refrigerant leaks, air enters the line. The gurgling you hear is because of air bubbles in the line. This line is under pressure so hissing could indicate a leak. Your heat pump needs immediate repair before the situation worsens.

Heat Pump Performing Badly

Your heat pump performs cooling and heating functions. Which function it performs depends on how refrigerant is moving through the system. If you notice a decrease in heating or cooling, it’s possibly because it’s is too low.

A decrease in performance can also indicate the beginnings of a refrigerant leak. Schedule heat pump maintenance as soon as possible.

Don’t let your heat pump get low on refrigerant. Contact Sensigreen Heating & Air for heat pump repair and maintenance. We offer several additional HVAC services, such as duct cleaning and spray foam insulation.

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