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What Is Air Balancing, and Why Does It Matter in a Home?

Air Balancing
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If a particular room in your Auburn, Alabama, home stays warm during the day even though the air conditioning is on, you may have an air-balancing issue with your HVAC system. Keep reading to learn more about balancing your air and how it benefits both your comfort and your HVAC system. What Is Air Balancing? Air balancing generally is performed […]

Why Should You Hire a NATE-Certified HVAC Professional?

HVAC professional
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Your air conditioner is probably your home's most important appliance during the summer months in Auburn, Alabama. So when you need repairs, maintenance, or installation, you don't want just anyone working on your HVAC system. The most reliable way to put your HVAC system in the hands of a qualified technician is to entrust it to a NATE-certified HVAC professional […]

Is My Air Conditioner Making Me Sick?

Sick Woman
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Cooling systems that are well taken care of tend to boast higher rates of efficiency, and they also do a better job at improving indoor air quality. In fact, without regular maintenance, an air conditioner can compromise the quality of air inside your home. It is also more likely to breed and spread germs every time it's turned on. When […]

3 HVAC Considerations to Keep in Mind When Buying a New Home

HVAC Considerations
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Buying a new home here in Opelika, Alabama, is exciting, and it's the biggest purchase that most people will ever make. You can design your own place to build or find an ideal existing home. However, you should consider the HVAC system's type, energy efficiency, and age when thinking about the purchase of your home. The Type of HVAC System […]

Tips for Saving on Energy and Cooling Costs

cooling costs
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Taking care of your Columbus, GA, home's heating and cooling system is essential to keeping your energy and cooling costs to a minimum. Along with regular maintenance, changing the air filter once a month will optimize energy efficiency and reduce cooling expenses. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat, fixing air leaks in the ductwork, and using proper window coverings are additional […]

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