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COVID-19 is affecting all of us.

Sensigreen Mechanical will remain open for business and ready to take care of your heating and cooling needs.

We take the health and safety of our customers and staff very seriously. This said, we have and will continue to educate our staff on the CDC guidelines for limiting the spread of the disease.

Sensigreen Mechanical stands ready to ensure your comfort. Maintaining your home's heating and cooling needs is, as always, our top priority.

If you have experienced any illness in your home, please let our dispatcher know and please do not take offense if we choose to not shake hands during this time. We want to ensure that when we send our technician to you, they can take necessary health precautions to protect themselves and those they will interact with throughout the day.

We want to wish all our customers health and safe time in the next few weeks as our country navigates this situation. Our thoughts are with you all.

Sensigreen Mechanical

From Air Conditioner Repair to Heating Installation & Even Spray Foam Insulation - We Have You Covered!

Modern HVAC systems are engineered to provide exceptional performance throughout the service life of the equipment. Like any complex machine, it’s important to partner with a qualified contractor who is dedicated to delivering exceptional service at fair prices. The professionals at Sensigreen Mechanical have been providing spray foam insulation services to residential and light commercial customers in Opelika, Auburn and the surrounding area since 2007. A full complement of heating and air conditioning services have been offered since 2012. Our success in business comes from a simple philosophy of always putting the customer first.

Superior Service at Fair Prices

If you’re looking to repair or replace your air conditioner or furnace, call one of our friendly Comfort Care Specialists today. They will answer all your questions and schedule an appointment for a free system evaluation. Call Us at (334) 366-9237.

2018 Sensigreen team

Air Conditioning and Heating Services for Opelika, Auburn & More!

By providing a full array of HVAC and insulation services, we’ll help keep your home cool, comfortable and energy efficient, regardless of how severe the outdoor weather conditions may be.

Comprehensive Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Service

Most HVAC dealers sell new equipment, but the true value of your HVAC contractor lies in their ability to repair your unit if it breaks down unexpectedly. Air conditioners seem to malfunction during the hottest days of the summer, so your contractor should maintain a full staff of NATE certified technicians. At Sensigreen, we specialize in furnace, heat pumps, and air conditioner repair. A Comfort Technician is available when you have an unexpected repair situation.

Air Conditioning and Furnace Installation

Air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps are engineered for many years of dependable service, but the contractor you choose to install your new equipment will have a huge impact on comfort, longevity and operating costs. Every new system we install is carefully designed to make sure the capacity of the unit precisely meets the indoor load in all weather conditions. Instead of high utility bills and uneven temperatures, your family will enjoy consistent comfort no matter what room they are in.

Spray Foam Insulation

Insulation is one of the best investments you can make in terms of energy efficiency, and SucraSeal Spray Foam insulation installed by the professionals at Sensigreen will provide exceptional comfort while reducing your utility costs. Spray foam has superior air sealing qualities when compared to fiberglass or cellulose. Foam conforms to the many irregularities found in framing construction, so it helps eliminate perimeter gaps and penetrations. When leakage is eliminated, your heating and cooling loads are reduced, and it may be possible to heat and cool your home with a smaller system. Foam also has excellent noise reduction properties and is impervious to mold, fungi and other biological organisms.

Customer Testimonials

  • I was thrilled with Sensigreen’s quick response, professionalism of all their employees and resolution to my issue. I will go out of my way to make sure I mention them and the excellent service I received.

    -Ryan of Auburn, AL

  • Sadly exceptional customer service is not the norm these days. However, we found Sensigreen to be the exception! Their Service Technician provided a thorough explanation of recommended repairs. His knowledge and professionalism, and that of all of the technicians who assisted over the 3 day installation, was of the highest caliber. Hats off to Sensigreen for providing EXCEPTIONAL customer service!

    - Bradley of Pike Road, AL

  • I'm extremely pleased with the prompt, professional, and friendly service Sensigreen provided in my HVAC emergency. My previous HVAC repair service seemed more focused on doing the minimum amount of work to maximize their profits, but Sensigreen took the time to explain all the options for repairing the problem. They even took the time to fully explain the maintenance plan even though I told him that I would like time to review it before I made a decision. I wish I would have selected Sensigreen Mechanical before now, and I look forward to doing business with this company in the future!

    - Lindsay of Opelika, AL

  • I had Sensigreen Spray Foam my Attic and install a new Trane Energy efficient air conditioning system in my home. My power bill has never looked so good. I want to thank Justin and his awesome installers for their professionalism and caring attitude towards me and my family’s needs. I would recommend Sensigreen over ANY other Spray Foam and Heating and Air contractor around!

    - Andrew of LaGrange, GA

  • Sensigreen's service was beyond expectations. My family was going to be without air over one of the hotter weekends due to shipping delays for a part, and a local manager drove hours out of the way to pick up the part so we could have cold air the same day. They also looked up my warranty information so I saved money on the needed repair. I highly recommend Sensigreen.

    - Asim of Auburn, AL

  • We have been in our home for a year and a half and we could not be happier with our Sensigreen heating and cooling system and our spray foam insulation. Our home is 4200 square feet and our power bill runs between $100 and $175 per month depending on the season. The savings have been amazing. Our old home was 1700 square feet and our power bills ranged from $250-$320 each month. We were absolutely shocked at the savings when we opened our first power bill and we are so glad that our builders used Sensigreen, LLC. If you are in the market for an HVAC and spray foam contractor, we highly recommend Sensigreen, Give them a call, you will not be disappointed.

    - Steven and Beth R.

  • To follow up on our earlier conversation, we absolutely love our spray foam insulation. It has made an incredible difference in two ways:

    1. We can store books and such in our attic space (we had a plywood floor put in after purchase). At our old house, it was too hot and humid with traditional insulation
    2. Our power bill has gone down significantly. We lived in a 1100 square foot house and our power bill was usually $200-$240. It had traditional insulation. This house is 3200 square feet. We've been here over a year, and with this unusually hot weather, our power bill was $206. That was the first time it went over $200. It usually averages $170

    With every house purchase, we learn things. With this house, we've learned we will never have another house without foam insulation if we can afford it. It's a luxury for which we are grateful.

    - Lori Krieger, ReMax Agents Realty

  • Just wanted to tell you that we are so pleased with the results from the spray foam. It has made our upstairs livable again. Anyway we just wanted to tell you that we are so happy with the results. Thanks again!

    - Jan and John S.

  • We have recently had Sensigreen install an APCO air purification system in the unit that heats and cools our bedroom. In a matter of days, I went from waking up with stopped up ears and a raspy voice every morning to being able to wake up with completely unstopped ears and a normal speaking voice. I have even been able to do without allergy medicine or have been able to use half the amount that I previously used on the worst allergy days. I sleep much better also. I would highly recommend this product and the extremely well-trained personnel at Sensigreen!

    - Ann W.


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