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7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an HVAC Contractor in Columbus, GA

September 29, 2023

Selecting a reliable HVAC contractor is crucial to ensure your HVAC system in Columbus, GA, is correctly installed or diagnosed for repairs. As a homeowner, it is essential to interview viable contractors before authorizing any HVAC installation or repairs. The following questions will help you acquire essential information about whether to work with an HVAC contractor.

1. Is the HVAC Contractor Licensed?

Essentially, licensure ensures that HVAC contractors conform to certain industry standards and comply with state regulations. Make sure to verify the contractor’s license validity since they are required to renew their licenses periodically.

Being licensed also proves an HVAC contractor’s competence to perform the required work. To acquire a license in Columbus, GA, the contractor must have at least four to five years of verifiable work experience, three professional recommendations and score a minimum of 70% on the HVAC contractor exam. These requirements ensure the contractor has the necessary skills and expertise to perform HVAC-related work effectively.

2. Does the Contractor Provide Liability Insurance Coverage?

HVAC contractors must present certificates of insurance for their general liability and worker’s compensation policies. Typically, the extent of a contractor’s insurance coverage is determined by their license type. Therefore, make sure to request the policies’ details from your HVAC contractor.

Furthermore, ensure that the state authorizes the insurance provider to issue liability coverage. You may want to call the insurance company to verify the coverage’s validity. This assures you that the contractor’s insurance is in effect and will cover any unforeseen issues or accidents during the installation process.

3. What’s Covered in the Project Quote?

Clear communication on what’s included and excluded in a project quote clarifies the allocation of funds and the contractor’s intentions. It is essential to have all these specifics documented in writing. For instance, the HVAC contractor you hire should inform you whether they’ll replace all or some of the existing HVAC components and mention any warranty or guarantee exceptions.

4. What Could Be Wrong With My HVAC System?

When you inquire about a possible diagnosis of your HVAC system from contractors, it allows you to assess their quality of service, credibility and reliability. A reputable HVAC contractor can provide insight into your system’s problems and offer basic troubleshooting procedures based on its issues and age. You should be cautious of contractors who recommend expensive AC repairs or a system replacement without inspecting the existing one.

Additionally, consider the contractor’s communication skills during phone calls. A reliable HVAC contractor should be able to explain things in simple, understandable terms.

5. When Will Work Begin, and How Long Will It Take?

Working with an HVAC contractor who can promptly commit to a service timetable ensures minimal downtime. Before hiring a contractor, ask them to estimate the job’s duration and describe the work involved. Usually, HVAC installations are disruptive, but a good contractor will effectively minimize inconveniences.

6. Does the Contractor Provide an HVAC Maintenance Plan?

It is worth noting that some HVAC system warranties require annual equipment maintenance to remain valid. Therefore, it makes sense to settle on an HVAC contractor who provides maintenance plans. This allows you to enjoy benefits such as priority service during emergencies and reminders when system maintenance is due.

7. Does the Contractor Perform Manual J Load Calculations?

Manual J load calculations help evaluate your residence’s cooling and heating area to acquire the ideal HVAC unit size. Correct sizing maximizes the performance and efficiency of HVAC systems.

You may encounter a contractor advising you to install a new HVAC unit referencing your old unit. However, the factors determining HVAC sizing can change over time, or it may be likely that your old system was inadequately sized. A team familiar with Manual J load calculations will determine whether to upgrade or install a similar system to the existing one for enhanced comfort.

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