The 4 Worst Spots for a Thermostat in Opelika, AL

January 29, 2024

Choosing the right spot for your thermostat is important because it makes your Opelika, AL home more energy efficient and reduces your heating and cooling bills. If you’re getting a new thermostat, be sure to avoid these four places.

1. Near Vents

Your home’s vents release warm and cold air from your system to achieve a comfortable environment. When your thermostat is too close to those vents, it detects the temperature of the air that comes out rather than the temperature of your home. You need to place it several feet away from the vents.

2. On an Upper Floor

If you have a home with multiple stories, you may find it helpful to use a separate thermostat for each one. When you have just one on an upper floor, it ignores the temperature downstairs, which can cause problems since the heat rises.

3. Close to the Kitchen

The danger of placing a thermostat near a kitchen is that the room produces a lot of heat as you cook. That heat causes it to think the temperature is too high, resulting in it sending incorrect readings.

4. On Exterior Walls

Some of the worst spots in your home for a new thermostat are exterior walls. Even with proper insulation, these walls are much warmer or cooler than other parts of your home because of the weather conditions outside. Using a thermostat on an exterior wall makes it hard for the unit to detect the interior temperature.

Choosing the right spot for your new thermostat is easy when you know where not to install it. The worst spots include near openings and vents, on higher floors or exterior walls, and close to your kitchen. Contact Sensigreen Heating, Cooling & Insulation to get help choosing the right place for a thermostat in Opelika, AL to go along with your HVAC system.

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