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Two Heat Pumps Outside House

Is Your Heat Pump Sized Correctly in Huntsville, AL?

October 27, 2023

Many Huntsville, AL homeowners choose heat pumps, thanks largely to their effectiveness and efficiency. However, it’s crucial that you have an HVAC system that’s the right size for your home. If you notice any of these issues, you may have an incorrectly sized heat pump.

Short Cycling

Cycling refers to the intervals at which your heat pump turns on and off. When everything works correctly, your system should consistently run for the same length of time before it turns off. Short cycling, which refers to a heat pump that turns on and off too frequently, is one of the most common signs of a system that’s the wrong size.

Constant Operation

The opposite problem to the one we’ve just described, one that most typically occurs when your system is too small for your house, is when your heat pump hardly every turns off. When an HVAC system is too small for your home, it runs longer than usual while trying to bring your home to the temperature you set on your thermostat. Not only does this constant operation lessen your system’s energy efficiency, but it also creates the need for frequent repairs, as the system suffers from the wear and tear associated with running all the time.

Temperature Fluctuations

When your system is correctly sized and running efficiently, every room in your home should be at the same temperature. However, when the system is the wrong size, you’ll likely notice hot and cold spots throughout your home.

Having a heat pump that is the right size for your home is not only crucial for your comfort, but it’s also an important part of keeping your utility bills low. If you suspect that your heat pump is the wrong size, call Sensigreen Heating & Air and ask about all of our heating and cooling services.

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