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How to Balance Allergies and Pets

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You love having your furry friend around, but ever since they set paw in your home, you haven't stopped sneezing and itching. Do homeowners in Opelika, Alabama, need to sacrifice their pets to preserve their health? Of course not. By targeting pet allergies at their source and developing healthy habits, you can love your pets and keep them, too.

Where Pet Allergies Come From

You've probably heard of pet dander which are tiny skin flakes and fur from your pet that circulate around the home. While you should avoid getting dander throughout your living space, it isn't the source of your allergies. Most dogs and cats have a unique protein in their saliva to which many humans are allergic. That protein latches onto dander and your pet's fur, and then it becomes a problem. Protein-laden dander and fur can stick to your furniture and hitch a ride on your HVAC airflow.

Saliva isn't the only allergen you may be reacting to. As your pet traipses around outside, it may catch pollen and other particles that can become incorporated into your airflow and irritate your allergies.

How to Balance Allergies and Pets

Don't worry, most homeowners won't need to abandon their pets in order to mitigate their allergies. Start by establishing a pet-free zone somewhere in your home (your bedroom is a great place). Your pet will never be allowed in this area, which should provide a sanctuary where you can escape when you may experience allergic reactions. You should also keep your animal from licking your face, and you should refrain from touching your face (especially your eyes) after you've petted your cat or dog.

In addition to keeping that allergy-ridden saliva away from your skin, you should also clean your pet's fur regularly. Washing your pet at least once a week should clean off many of the other allergens that get caught in its fur.

You shouldn't have to choose between your pets and your health, and now you don't have to. For professional help in improving your home's indoor air quality, call Sensigreen Mechanical at (334) 528-0765.

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