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5 Most Common Furnace Woes in Phenix City, AL

January 26, 2021

If you notice a constant temperature decrease in your Phenix City, AL, home although your heater is on, you most likely have a problem on your hands. You can solve many issues with your furnace before they become serious if you know how to spot these five signs of trouble.

Cold Spots

When some rooms in your home are colder than others, your furnace is either not generating enough warm air for the entire house or is unable to push air through all the vents of your home. A heating repair specialist will be able to determine the source of this problem.

Short Cycling

Several things can be wrong with your furnace if it begins to turn itself off before it can complete a heating cycle. Possible causes of frequent, short cycles include dirty heat sensors or a malfunctioning fan motor.

Yellow Burner Flame

If the heat you feel your furnace should produce is not making its way to the rooms in your home, take a moment to observe the burner flame. A yellow flame often indicates a dirty burner. This will prevent your furnace from producing heat to its full capability.

Rising Utility Bills

It is normal to see a slight rise in energy bills in winter, when your system must work harder to heat your home. However, when your utility bills continue to rise despite moderate temperatures outside, it is a definite sign of trouble with your furnace. The potential furnace problems that can cause your energy bills to increase are many, and you will likely need a professional to determine your specific problem.

Making sure your furnace is in top working condition during the winter months is an important part of maintaining both comfort and safety. Call us at Sensigreen Heating & Air in Phenix City, AL, to address all your residential HVAC service needs.

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