pets can affect HVAC system

5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners in Columbus, GA

March 28, 2023

Owning a pet means making changes to the way you care for your Columbus, GA home and HVAC system. Both dogs and cats shed and release pet dander that can affect others. Some HVAC maintenance tips to consider include grooming your pets often, changing your air filters regularly and cleaning thoroughly.

1. Choose the Right Filters

HVAC systems use one or more filters to capture some of the particles that would otherwise circulate throughout your air. Not all filters are equal, though, and households with pets should invest in filters made to catch pet dander. Stay away from HEPA filters, which are made for use in commercial facilities and air purifiers, but a filter with a MERV (“Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating of 13 or higher will make a difference in your indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency.

2. Opt for Grooming

Keeping your pet clean reduces the amount of dander and hair that your pets shed, which means that it won’t find its way into your HVAC system. Don’t overdo it, but make sure to bathe your pet at home between grooming appointments to minimize dander and keep your HVAC system as clean as possible.

3. Clean Often

Pets that come in and out of the house can bring particles, pollutants and toxins with them. Regular cleaning can help, especially when you vacuum, dust and sweep. To prevent clogs in your ductwork, consider investing in duct cleaning, too.

4. Replace the Filters

Those with pets generally need to replace their air filters more often than households without. Check your filter every month and replace it as necessary; you’ll usually know it’s time for a replacement if you can’t see through the filter. You may need to replace the filter more often if it’s shedding season for your pet.

5. Schedule Maintenance

Hire an HVAC crew to handle routine maintenance and schedule your appointments in advance. You’ll need at least two appointments every year: one during spring and one during fall. The company can check the outdoor unit and make sure it’s free of damage as well as change filters and check for fur and other pet-related debris.

Caring for your pets and making your HVAC system last longer is easy, but there’s always help just a phone call away. Call Sensigreen today to learn how HVAC maintenance can keep your system working well, even if you have a Columbus, GA home filled with pets.

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