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4 Signs of a Faulty Air Handler in Opelika, AL

September 26, 2023

Your air handler has a vital coil inside that makes heating and cooling possible. During the colder season, air blows over this warmed component, slowly heating your home. Here are four signs you have a potentially faulty air handler in Opelika, AL.

1. Fan Issues

As your handler ages, it can accumulate cracks and holes that leak air where it connects to the ductwork. You may notice odd whistling or whirring sounds or no air coming out. There may also be dripping water or new spots of rust and corrosion.

2. Inconsistent Unit Airflow

Weak airflow can come with dirty filters, a failing blower motor or worn-out coils. If you leave a clogged filter in place for too long, it will weaken your airflow.

3. Constantly Freezes During Summer

The coil inside your air handler can freeze when the refrigerant can’t quickly and effectively absorb heat. Vapor will hit the coil, condense into droplets and turn to ice. The more ice that builds up, the harder the handler will have to work to produce any temperature control.

4. Energy Cost Increases

Energy consumption during the year can be hard to predict, especially during the peak months in the summer and winter. While it’s normal to encounter some fluctuations if you reach record temperatures, your energy bills shouldn’t experience abnormally high increases bill after bill. It’s possible your air handler requires too much electricity due to internal faults.

Running your HVAC system day after day can lead to refrigerant leaks, air leaks, structural cracks and inefficiencies. Scheduling maintenance at least once a year will keep the system in the best shape possible.

Don’t let a faulty air handler or indoor comfort system impact your household’s monthly costs or temperature control. Contact us at Sensigreen Heating and Air for skilled HVAC repair services in Opelika, AL.

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