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3 Ways Pets Damage IAQ in Huntsville, AL

IAQ suffers with pets

Your pets may be sweet, loyal and adorable, but they probably adversely affect the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home in Huntsville, AL. Here are three ways in which pets might damage IAQ.

1. Hair and Dander

Dogs, cats and other furry pets can shed their hair and dander everywhere. Both of these can decrease your IAQ and will harm your respiratory health if you inhale them, but dander is especially insidious because it’s so tiny. Hair may undermine your HVAC system’s efficiency because it may get stuck inside ducts or filters and block airflow.

2. Allergens

Pets can be a large source of allergens. Of course, their dander may itself be allergenic, but even beyond that, they can bring all sorts of allergy-causing materials with them after spending some time outside. Pollen and various kinds of biological spores feature prominently here.

To stay safe from all of this, you simply need to clean your pets after they come in from outside. Wipe them down with a damp cloth, including their paws and brush them thoroughly. They should also be bathed regularly.

3. Giving Your HVAC System More Work to Do

Your HVAC system is one of the most important tools you have in the effort to keep your home’s IAQ at a reasonable level. When your pets shed their hair or fur, bring dirt or pollen into your home, these various threats to IAQ give your HVAC system more to contend with. Operating under greater stress, your system may be less likely to maintain your IAQ.

Moreover, this added workload will increase the burden of maintaining and repairing the system. HVAC maintenance technicians may have to clean fur or hair out of your system’s compressor, for example, or they may need to clean your ductwork.

Your pets may harm your IAQ. If they do, call Sensigreen and get some of the best IAQ services around Huntsville, AL.

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