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3 Consequences of an Unlevel AC Unit in Auburn, AL

May 26, 2022

Keeping your outdoor AC unit level is crucial in ensuring optimal performance and longevity. If the ground beneath the unit tilts or shifts even a few degrees, it can affect the function and durability of the unit. Here are three consequences of an unlevel AC unit in Auburn, AL.


The outdoor compressor unit of your air conditioner has a motor that uses oil to function. If your unit is not level, the oil inside will also be unlevel. Most of the oil will lean on one side, and the other side will not be properly lubricated.

If the components inside the motor are not well lubricated, they can grind on each other, increasing wear and tear. It also leads to overheating and inefficiency of the compressor unit.

Oil can also escape the compressor unit and flow through the lines together with the refrigerant. If the unit is not level, the oil may split from the refrigerant resulting in pooling in the coils and lines. The oil may coat the coils and hinder heat transfer, reducing the efficiency of the unit.

Draining Problems

Another consequence of an unlevel AC blower unit is a lack of drainage. The unlevel surface can affect the drain pan and prevent it from properly draining the water via the drain line. As a result, water pools in the pan and increases the humidity inside the unit.

Increased humidity inside the unit encourages the growth of biological contaminants and accelerates rusting. This can cause damage to the coils, which will require expensive repairs or replacement.

Increased Vibration

If your compressor unit sits on an unlevel surface, it will experience too much vibration. This may increase the wear and tear of the internal components and shorten the service lifespan of the unit. Other effects of increased vibration include damage to the refrigerant lines and producing loud noises.

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