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3 Causes of AC Compressor Failures in Phenix City, AL

July 30, 2023

The air conditioning compressor is crucial in cooling your living space during the hot summer in Phenix City, AL. However, like any mechanical device, it’s prone to failure. In this article, we’ll delve into the leading causes of AC compressor failures and provide insights on how to avoid them.

1. Lack of Maintenance

Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to a buildup of dirt and debris on the compressor’s coils. Condenser coils clogged with dirt, dust or debris can impair the heat exchange process, leading to compressor failures.

When the condenser coils cannot dissipate heat efficiently, the compressor must work harder, increasing wear and tear on the system. By adhering to an AC maintenance schedule and keeping the components clean, you can prolong the lifespan of your AC compressor.

2. Refrigerant Leaks

When the refrigerant level drops, it affects the compressor’s lubrication, leading to increased friction and heat generation. The compressor may struggle to maintain optimal pressure levels, resulting in premature failure. Regular inspections and prompt repairs of detected leaks can help prevent this issue and preserve the compressor’s performance.

3. Electrical Problems

Electrical issues, such as faulty wiring or inadequate power supply, can strain the AC compressor. This strain can cause the compressor motor to overheat, leading to potential damage or complete failure.

Make sure that technicians correctly installed the electrical connections and that the power source meets the compressor’s requirements. Regular inspections by a professional technician can help identify and rectify any electrical problems.

Understanding the causes of AC compressor failures is crucial in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of air conditioning systems. Sensigreen Heating, Cooling & Insulation in Phenix City, AL can provide expert assistance in diagnosing and repairing AC issues, so contact us today! We address these problems quickly and efficiently so that homeowners can enjoy reliable and efficient cooling for years.

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