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Improving Airflow in Auburn, AL: How and Why

June 28, 2021

Improving the airflow in your home is vital for your well-being and your family’s health. As an Auburn, AL, homeowner, you’ve experienced your fair share of hot, stuffy days. Here are reasons why you should invest in improving airflow in your home.

Remove Condensation That Can Lead to Damage

During winter, condensation is very common. Introducing adequate ventilation helps prevent rotten surfaces. Condensation is the largest cause of indoor dampness.

It’s important to employ condensation prevention techniques to protect your property. Condensation can result in stained indoor surfaces such as the ceiling and the walls. Additionally, excess moisture in your home can harm your furniture, furnishings, and floor.

Keeping your indoor temperatures reasonably constant is one way to prevent condensation. Seasonal maintenance of your HVAC system helps you save some cash by avoiding the cost of repairs and replacement.

Reap Some Health Benefits

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission notes that prolonged exposure to high levels of indoor dampness can lead to chronic diseases such as asthma. Additionally, individuals with allergies are likely to have severe reactions if exposed to biological contaminants and damp conditions.

Inadequate ventilation coupled with indoor air pollution can lead to headaches and sinusitis. Bronchitis and pneumonia are other medical conditions that indoor dampness can affect.

Ensuring good airflow, which can prevent pollutants and dampness from lingering in your home, can go a long way toward creating a healthier indoor environment. One device that can help with this is a whole-home dehumidifier to keep indoor humidity at a desirable level. You could also benefit from installing an energy recovery ventilator that brings in fresh air from outdoors, expels stale indoor air, and minimizes energy loss in the process.

Install a Ventilator and Use Ceiling Fans

It’s easy to overlook air circulation as an essential aspect of home comfort. Some days, muggy air will make sustaining consistent airflow a challenge. However, it’s still possible to lessen some of the burdens on your home HVAC system.

If it’s muggy inside the home during the summer, it’s usually too muggy outside to open the windows. Instead, you could install a ventilator that will bring in fresh outside air and condition it before sending it throughout the house.

Ceiling fans are attractive and help keep the air circulating well. Although they don’t actually change the temperature, they create a wind-chill effect by getting the air moving.

Invest in Professional Duct Sealing

Your forced cooling and air heating system might be making your home dustier. Holes in your ductwork often draw in and redistribute dust throughout your home.

Investing in professional duct sealing can be worthwhile. Hire a qualified technician to ensure that your heating and cooling equipment keeps the air clear and moving.

Change or Clean Air Filters Regularly

Clogged air filters lead to reduced airflow, making your living space uncomfortable, overworking your system and increasing your energy bills. You need to inspect your air filter at least once a month and clean or replace it often enough to maintain proper airflow. The timing can vary depending on the type you use, but installing a new filter every one to three months is a good rule of thumb.

Check Vents and Registers

Remember to keep the registers in each room open. Sometimes, you might not want to cool a particular room. However, closed registers make your HVAC system work harder when moving conditioned air, making airflow problems even worse.

Blocked AC vents disrupt airflow, which can lead to the entire system slowing down. Relocate any furniture and bookshelves that are sitting too close to the vents so that air can flow freely.

Maintain Your HVAC System, and Replace It When Necessary

No matter how well you maintain it, there will come a time when you must replace aging cooling and heating equipment. Old systems have a harder time keeping the air flowing properly. If your HVAC system is more than 10 years old, it may be time to consider swapping it for a new one.

Our team is ready to help you create the ideal airflow for your household in Auburn, AL. Contact us at Sensigreen to schedule maintenance and other services that will help to extend your HVAC system’s life.

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