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HVAC Problems Seen in Historic Homes in Huntsville, AL

February 28, 2024

If you own a historic home in Huntsville, AL, you’re probably aware of the many challenges that these beautiful, old homes present. While older homes capture the beauty of the area’s history, they can also pose challenges. Learn more about these seven HVAC issues commonly seen in older homes below.

1. Insufficient Insulation

The main cause for this problem is that as time passes, insulation becomes less effective due to wear and tear. Additionally, the materials that homeowners relied on for insulation in the past often aren’t as good as those used today. Using materials like foam or fiberglass insulation can help you enhance insulation throughout the house, which will trap heat inside and keep the indoor temperature comfortable.

2. Drafty Doors and Windows

Older homes lose some of their appeal due to drafty windows and doors, which are a result of older features that become inefficient and let cold air in. To address this issue, it is imperative to use a two-fold approach that involves sealing gaps and adding weather stripping to windows and doors to maintain a warm interior while drastically lowering the heating system’s workload.

3. Uneven Distribution of Heat

Older HVAC systems typically struggle to evenly distribute air throughout the home. This problem typically stems from some sort of issue with the ductwork. For instance, if you’ve had a new HVAC system installed in your historic home but continue using the older ductwork, the air ducts may be too small to move enough air through.

It’s also possible that the old ductwork is too dirty, resulting in restricted airflow. Over time, dust, dirt and other debris gather in your ductwork, creating a blockage between your HVAC systems and the rooms that you’re trying to heat or cool. This is why it’s a good idea to schedule regular duct cleaning to ensure that air freely flows throughout your home.

4. Damaged HVAC Components

Due to their age and frequent use, components of HVAC systems in older buildings may eventually wear out or malfunction. This not only leads to the need to deal with HVAC breakdowns but also decreases your system’s energy efficiency capabilities. If the HVAC system in your historic home is older, make sure to have it thoroughly inspected, and consider upgrading to a newer, more energy-efficient system.

5. Inaccuracies in Thermostats

Older houses may have thermostats that are too old and therefore lose accuracy over time, giving false readings of the temperature which leads to big errors in temperature control. Upgrade to programmable thermostats with precise temperature control to address this issue.

Replacing your thermostat with a programmable one is the best way to solve the issue as they have precise control over temperature. Smart programmable thermostats can automatically control temperature depending on your habits and occupancy, helping you optimize comfort and energy use.

6. Outdated HVAC Systems

Outdated heating systems make it difficult for older buildings to satisfy modern efficiency standards and your comfort needs. They also tend to break down often and make noise, which leaves you feeling frustrated and cold. Switch to more contemporary, energy-efficient options to lower your energy bill and experience reliable heating during the cold months.

7. Absence of Zoning Systems

The lack of zoning systems in many old homes causes uneven heating and puts more strain on the HVAC system. The lack of separate temperature controls for each room in the house is the reason behind this issue, forcing the system to heat all rooms to the same temperature. Installing zoning controls might help you customize your heating approach by allowing you to manage the temperature in different regions.

Just because you live in an older, historic home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take advantage of technological breakthroughs when it comes to heating and cooling. Whether you’re dealing with dirty ductwork, an outdated thermostat or one of the other issues discussed here, we have the solutions that you’re looking for. Contact us at Sensigreen to schedule heating installation today.

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