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6 Factors That Dictate Furnace Efficiency in Prattville, AL

furnace efficiency

When your furnace operates inefficiently, you will pay more money for utility bills every month, and your furnace will likely deteriorate more quickly. Read on to learn about six factors that determine furnace efficiency so you can ensure that your furnace operates as efficiently as possible in Prattville, AL.

1. Old Filters

Your furnace has a filter that collects dust and other debris in the air. When the filter is dirty, it creates an air blockage. You need to replace the filters every 6 months or more frequently, (depending on usage) to keep the furnace running properly.

You should check your filter every month or so and change it when it looks dirty. You’ll also notice poorer indoor air quality, which has adverse impacts on your family’s respiratory health.

2. High Thermostat Settings

The higher the thermostat setting, the more energy your furnace uses. Lowering the thermostat setting by five to 10 degrees will make a significant difference in your utility bill and prolong the life of the unit.

3. Poor Home Insulation

Every home has a certain level of insulation, which helps it maintain temperatures inside instead of letting the heat (or cold, during the summer) escape. Better insulation means less strain on your furnace, as the furnace won’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable setting.

Insulation starts with your building materials. Certain materials allow more air to flow through them than others. Next, you need to choose energy-efficient windows and doors. Most homes also have additional insulation added to the ceilings and walls. Foam insulation is one of the most common insulation options available.

Other ways to improve insulation include installing thick shades, fixing cracks and applying weather stripping. The more methods you utilize, the better results you’ll see.

Don’t forget to keep all doors and windows completely closed throughout the day. If you leave the doors or windows open or even cracked a bit, your temperature-controlled air will flow outside instead of keeping the inside nice and warm.

4. Duct Leaks or Clogs

Your furnace uses ducts to transport the air around your home. The ducts act as the lungs of your furnace.

Air naturally experiences some heat loss as it travels. If the ducts have a clog or a leak, the loss becomes even more profound. In some cases, the air won’t be able to travel through the ducts at all.

We can clean the ducts and improve the efficiency of your heating system. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

You will know you have a leak in your ducts if a particular area of your house doesn’t get air or gets very little air. That leads to cold spots in some rooms. A clog can happen when dust accumulates in the ducts and prevents airflow.

5. Unit SEER Rating

Every furnace comes with a SEER rating, which indicates the unit’s efficiency rating. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit is, on a scale of 10 to 20.

Energy-efficient models have an Energy Star sticker on the outside of the unit. However, some Energy Star units are more efficient than others, so examine the ratings carefully. Ask one of our sales associates about any rebates that may be available on an Energy Star unit.

6. Maintenance History

A furnace requires regular maintenance to function optimally and efficiently. Maintenance visits include an inspection, a new filter replacement and a thorough cleaning by one of our experienced technicians.

Homeowners should not complete furnace maintenance themselves. Ideally, the homeowner will schedule regular maintenance with one of our professional furnace technicians.

Scheduling Furnace Maintenance in Prattville, AL

To schedule the best furnace maintenance in the Prattville area, contact the experts at Sensigreen Heating, Cooling & Insulation. Our technicians service all brands of furnaces. We offer both residential and commercial duct cleaning and HVAC repair and maintenance services in Prattville, AL.

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