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At Sensigreen Heating & Air, we focus on different ways to improve indoor comfort while reducing the cost of operating your heating and cooling system. While HVAC equipment efficiency is important, complimentary components like insulation can have a significant impact on HVAC operation.

SucraSeal Spray Foam

SucraSeal spray foam insulation is a revolutionary product that serves as an alternative to conventional fiberglass or cellulose. We install the material in all new construction projects and many retrofit applications. This unique foam insulation conforms to ACC 377 Appendix X for “flammability uncoated without the use of an ignition barrier.” Since no ignition barrier is required, the product is cost effective to manufacture and install.

The foam is applied directly to walls and ceilings using special equipment. Our technicians are trained to insulate the roof deck between the joists or rafters with sufficient material to achieve the appropriate R-Value.

Prof Green Wspray Foam Gun

Fill the energy-robbing voids behind your walls with the energy-saving benefits of ECO-FRIENDLY SucraSeal™ spray foam.

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Foam Insulation Benefits

Energy StarSpray foam is an insulation constituted primarily of polyurethane and blowing agents. It expands upon application to fill irregular cavities in a way that preformed fiberglass batts can’t duplicate. Eliminating gaps and breeches in the building’s exterior will dramatically reduce the indoor heating and cooling load. Depending on the age of the building, fuel and power costs can be reduced by as much as 50 percent.

Unlike cellulose or fiberglass, spray foam will not settle and lose its R-value over time. Since the material is inherently fire resistant, there are no chemicals added in the manufacturing process that may dissipate with age. Fiberglass batts are very difficult to work with, and installers are often forced to either ignore irregular crevices or place an inadequate amount of insulation in the space. This is especially true in cavities that hold plumbing pipes and electrical boxes. The resulting penetrations create an easy pathway for unwanted air infiltration. Cured foam is very rigid, so it also adds additional structural strength to the building itself.

Compared to cellulose and fiberglass, spray foam is significantly more durable. It’s impervious to mold growth, insect infestation and moisture penetration. Additionally, spray foam provides superior air sealing qualities. Since the structure is closed cell, it’s impervious to moisture penetration and mold growth. The sealed perimeter effectively eliminates drafts, and outdoor noise is reduced appreciably.

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Complete Insulation Services

Now is a great time to upgrade with spray foam insulation. One of our friendly customer care representatives can answer your questions and schedule an appointment for a free insulation inspection and analysis.

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