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Homeowners in Southern Alabama and the Florida Panhandle are well aware of the potential hazards that can come with hurricane season. Between June 1 and November 30, hurricane season is in full swing with the potential to bring severe weather onshore anywhere along the coast. Hurricane defense services can help you protect your home from the dangers of hurricanes and severe storms, so you can keep your home as safe as possible in these conditions.

Protecting Your Home & Property in the Panhandle

The Florida Panhandle’s long coast makes it particularly susceptible to hurricanes. In 2018, Hurricane Michael became the fourth strongest hurricane to hit the United States and the strongest hurricane ever to make landfall in the Panhandle.

The storm brought winds of 155 mph and dumped more than five inches of rain on areas like Panama City and Mexico Beach, FL. Hurricane activity can be unpredictable from year to year, but residents can help protect themselves here by preparing for significant storms.

The Foam Seal Hurricane Protection System

The Foam Seal Hurricane Protection System from Foam Seal America uses Foam Seal SF2100 to strengthen your roof. Once hardened, the foam becomes a watertight adhesive that will reduce water intrusion as much as 99 percent should your roofing tiles or shingles fail.

The foam adhesive is sprayed along the roof trusses, sheathing connections, and seams to seal any gaps in these areas. Up to 70 percent of hurricane losses are the result of roof failures. This product creates uplift resistance that’s two to four times stronger than nails alone. This will help to keep your roofing strong and secure, so your home isn’t exposed to the wind, water, and debris that may buffet it from the outside.

Fortify Your Home with Our Hurricane Defense Services

A hurricane defense system will prepare your home for the dangers of a storm long before this type of weather appears on the radar. Take a smart, proactive approach to storm protection by investing in hurricane defense products early. With a foam seal hurricane defense system in place you’ll enjoy:

  • Improved water resistance for your roof and attic with any type of precipitation.
  • Lowered risk of microbial growth.
  • Less chance of wind damage in all types of storm conditions.
  • Insurance discounts, including the Superior Roof Sheathing Attachment discount and Secondary Water Resistance discount.

Foam sealing is an affordable process that’s comparable in price to having your roof re-nailed. Yet the benefits of a Foam Seal Hurricane Protection System are far greater than what you’ll get with other roofing improvements.

If you’re ready to take your hurricane preparedness to the next level, contact Sensigreen Mechanical at (334) 366-9237. Take action to protect your home from the potential for hurricane damage and give us a call now.

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