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What is CDH and the
The CDH Foundation Programs

CDH UK Infographic

  • Congenital diaphragmatic hernia occurs when the diaphragm does not develop at all, develops partially or develops a hole in it. This allows digestive organs into the chest cavity and restricts lung growth in the unborn child.
  • CDH occurs in 1 in 2500 births.
  • It has a similar prevalence to spina bifida and cystic fibrosis, but few people know of CDH unless a loved one has had a CDH diagnosis.
  • There are multiple factors that can potentially cause CDH including genetics.
  • At this time there is no known preventive therapy for CDH.
  • Excellent medical care immediately following birth is the only hope a child born with CDH has.
  • NICU stays for children born with CDH vary in length. Most range from 1-3 months.
  • Many families travel far from home to find the best care for their child.
  • Currently 50% of children born with CDH do not live to their first birthday.

Our Programs

  • Medical Grant-$2500
  • Travel Grant-$1000
  • NICU Care Package
    • NICU Notebook-The CDH Foundation developed a binder for CDH parents to use to keep daily notes on their baby’s progress, keep track of appointments, notate milestones that are specifically tailored to the early life of a CDH baby, handouts for family & friends, house photos, record contact information for medical practices & specialists, contacts of friends they make in the NICU & Ronald McDonald House.
    • Restaurant Gift Cards-most CDH families spend 30-90 days in NICU. We supply them with restaurant gift cards for places we know are near their specific hospital. Bob McFadden and Chick-fil-A on Magnolia Street has graciously donated meal cards for our families. The CDH Foundation seeks donations from other restaurants and we purchase some gift cards as well.
    • Prayer blanket-we have a church that donates a prayer blankets for each CDH family we support
    • Baby items-many families choose not to have a baby shower prior to the birth of their child because the CDH mortality rate is so high. Once the baby is stable, we send a stuffed animal and some sort of baby item with the child’s name/monogram on it so that the parents and the baby have something that is personalized.
  • Welcome Home Care Package
    • HALO Sleepsack and Safe Sleep Information-HALO sleepsack has donated sleepsacks for each of our CDH families.
    • Owlet Smart Sock-Owlet is donating their Smart Sock product for us so that we may provide one for each of our families when they come home. This is the monitor that NICU medical professionals recommend once a child is off of all medical monitors.
    • Restaurant Gift Cards
    • Grocery Gift Cards


    Family Friend Handout Bringing Baby Home
    Family Friend Handout

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