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CDH Foundation Fundraising Events

Embarrass the Executive Director

Embarrass the Executive Director

This is me, Amy Wadsworth Register, when I was about 5 years old. It was my first dance recital. It sort of epitomizes the fact I was born prissy. My mom and dad never particularly cultivated was just there. I live by the motto there is no such thing as natural beauty. A trip to ULTA is like a toddler at Disney World. Clothes shopping makes my heart rate raise in a good way. I will not even go into shoes and handbags....let's just say I had a dedicated closet to them before I met my husband and had 2 kids...I enjoy looking my best....

So since our founder and Board President posed in an Incredibles costume (his underpants) and raised the most money in our Halloween photo contest, I have got to do something outrageous in here it is!

Embarrass the Executive Director...if we raise $10,000 by December 31st I will go to church (and we are Episcopalian so we dress up) in my pajamas with no makeup. I will also go to my weekly Friday breakfast at Chappy’s in a dance costume on January 11th. For every $1000 we raise, I will post a photo of me that I find to be mortifying. I will even let my younger brother pick one and I know which one he will use and it is AWFUL!!!!

So this is a silly way to raise awareness and money for congenital diaphragmatic hernia families, but if I am willing to go to church in PJs and no makeup, I obviously feel very strongly about this cause. I also think our priest is going to be super excited because this may be the best attended Epiphany service in the history of ever.

Let's make it happen folks."

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Sensigreen CDH Foundation's 2nd Annual Golf Classic

Join us for the Sensigreen CDH Foundation's 2nd Annual Golf Classic

8am March 25th, 2019
Moore's Mill Club
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skeet shoot fundraiser

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