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Is It Allergies or a Cold?

Allergies or a Cold
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It's not uncommon to suffer from a stuffy, runny nose and bouts of coughing in Opelika, Alabama, winters. Unfortunately, the cause of these troubles isn't always clear. Colds and allergies share many similar symptoms, but there are a few key ways to tell them apart. Ask yourself these important questions to figure out which one you're dealing with, so you can take the best approach to finding relief for what ails you.

What Are Your Symptoms?

Colds and allergies have many common symptoms, including congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose. However, there are some key indicators that you're likely dealing with allergies. Itchy eyes rarely accompany cold, but often come with allergies. Body aches and fevers are only associated with colds. Consider your symptoms carefully for a better idea of what you're dealing with.

How Long Have You Felt Ill?

A cold will typically resolve itself within two weeks, and should gradually get better. Allergies, however, will remain consistent, particularly when you're around the allergen. If you've been uncomfortable for more than a couple weeks, start looking to your environment. Your indoor air quality could be the source of your troubles.

Where Are Your Symptoms Worst?

If you're suffering from allergies, you'll probably notice that your symptoms are worse in some areas than in others. You may have of dust mites lingering in your ductwork or a dirty air filter that's causing a flare-up at home.

If your symptoms worsen at home, there are many things you can do to improve the situation, such as changing your air filter, scheduling regular HVAC maintenance, installing an air cleaner, or dusting and vacuuming more often. If you suffer more in the bedroom, use an allergen-proof mattress and pillow covers. Try laundering your couch cushion covers if you're uncomfortable in the living room.

If you suspect that your symptoms are the result of allergies, contact Sensigreen Mechanical at (334) 528-0765. We can help you find an indoor air quality solution to keep your air healthy and breathable at home.

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