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Meet Our Board of Directors


Justin Quinn, President of the Board of Directors

Justin Quinn is the President and CEO of Sensigreen Mechanical and the visionary behind the Sensigreen CDH Foundation. Justin and his wife found out their younger daughter, Lily, would be born with CDH at 28 weeks gestation. Justin and Jessica were able to see their daughter experience the best care available and she has thrived since being born. The Quinns believe every family should be able to see their child grow and have good health after being born with CDH. Justin has dreamed for a long time of being able to start a charitable foundation to benefit local families who receive this devastating diagnosis and is so proud to now serve as the President of the Sensigreen CDH Board of Directors.


Amy Wadsworth Register, Executive Director and Secretary of the Board of Directors

Amy is the Managing Principal of Lemonade Social, a marketing firm in Auburn, AL, and has consulted with Sensigreen since 2014. When Justin approached Amy about launching a charitable foundation, she was honored that he and Jessica would trust her with the responsibility. Amy brings 18 years of marketing expertise to the team and a heart for non-profit work. She will act as the Executive Director of the foundation and her responsibilities will include development and marketing the foundation to the medical community in Alabama. Amy will also serve as the Secretary of the Board of Directors. Amy Is excited to see this foundation grow and be able to benefit Alabama families.


Jeff Decouteau, Board of Directors

Jeff has been a part of the Sensigreen Team since 2014 and he and Justin have been close friends since college. Jeff is the Vice President of Sensigreen Mechanical and was honored to be asked to serve on the Board of Directors of the Sensigreen CDH Foundation. Jeff's background in marketing, sales and operations will be invaluable to the foundation as we build relationships with donors. Jeff is proud to serve and help Justin's dream of supporting CDH families come true.


Brad Martin, Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Brad is the CFO of Sensigreen Mechanical and has many years of experience in finance as a CPA. Brad will ensure that the Sensigreen CDH Foundation is a good steward of the donations that are made to benefit Alabama families who receive a CDH diagnosis. He will also help us create financial strategy to grow the foundation over time. Brad is pleased to have been asked to serve in this very important role.